The Black and Blues Band are a hard-working professional blues band who have supported the likes of Robert Plant, Grey Wolves, and Andy Fairweather Lowe.

If you like Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top and new interpretations of the best blues classics, check out one of our gigs. Click here for a list of upcoming events on Facebook.

New album out now ‘A Lonely Road’.

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Blues in Britain Magazine give ‘A Lonely Road’ a great review.
“This four-piece band has a fine blues and blues-rock sound right from the off, with the lively ‘Queen Of Hearts’ making for an energetic opener”
“I Can’t Let Go’ closes out this fine and very listenable set with a strong, very bluesy rock-based number”

Slap Magazine give ‘A Lonely Road’ a great review.
“The eponymous ‘Black And Blue Loving You’, their signature track, has a creeping, slow rhythm that’ll worm its way into your head – and stay there! Gorgeous bass, bright flashes of guitar and bloody good lyrics, what more could you want in a blues dirge? An absolute cracker.”
“A Lonely Road unfurls, revealing hidden gems and treasures.”
Read the full review here: Slap Magazine

“One of the best British bands out there”
Roger D – Blues @ Radio

“The Black and Blues Band can do no wrong”
Michaela Wylde – BBC Radio

“The Black and Blues Band are a quality act, who are keeping British R&B alive”
The Mid Wales R&B Club

“Blues rock with no concession to the mainstream and full of energy and good vibes. It’s not easy to find blues-rock bands as good as this one.”

“The Black and Blues Band are a solid blues rock band with their own style and musicians with the experience to know how Blues should sound.”

The Black and Blues Band are Roger Keenan on vocals, Jon Crowe on guitar, Alan Vincent on bass, and Gary Santry on drums.